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    Nadia Emen

    Dr. Nadia Emen has been a proud member of the chiropractic profession for over 20 years with extensive clinical experience. Her post-graduate work included working alongside various medical specialists in the field of pain management, orthopedics, spinal neurosurgery, and acupuncture. She has spent years fine tuning her clinical skills to better serve her community.

    Dr. Emen utilizes various chiropractic techniques that include force (mainly Diversified) and gentle non-force (Activator gun) techniques to create healthy results. She also incorporates manual therapy and uses Gua Sha tools to achieve the desired results.

    The approach to achieving recovery and maintaining optimal health is via multiple avenues used by Dr. Emen that include incorporating nutritional supplementation, demonstrating various stretching and strengthening exercises, and offering topical and oral products that include CBD for home use.

    In the last two decades, Dr. Emen has treated hundreds of patients from all walks of life that include law enforcement, entertainment, military, the elderly, pediatric and pregnant patients, weekend warriors, and high school athletes to name a few.

    Dr. Emen is passionate about being a chiropractor and very proud of her profession as she has witnessed its benefits in her patients over the years. Her journey to become a chiropractor began while in undergrad when she developed low back pain. At the time, she was planning to go to medical school. Given the progressive worsening of her symptoms, she sought treatment with her medical doctor who did not know the cause of her back pain. He prescribed medication which failed to get her out of pain. She reluctantly tried chiropractic care at the recommendation of her sister and was astonished to find her back pain was gone after two weeks of treatment! Realizing this was divine intervention, following her graduation, she decided to enroll in chiropractic school and graduated in 2001, excited and eager to provide the same quality care she received that helped her get out of pain.

    Twenty years later, Dr. Emen is still proudly practicing her beloved profession and continues to provide quality, compassionate care. When not treating, she spends her time raising her twin sons and enjoys gardening. If you would like to make an appointment to see if Dr. Emen can help you, please feel free to contact her.  

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